Research Assistant (part-time, contract)

Research Assistant (part-time, contract)

Research Assistant, One Position (Part-Time, Contract)

Project: Mobilizing Social Innovation to Train the Next Generation of Theatre Entrepreneurs

Hourly Rate: $18.20 (including benefits)

Hours/Weeks: 10 hours per week for 12 weeks (Jan.7 to April. 26)

Location: Sheridan Campuses in Oakville, Mississauga, and Brampton

Application Deadline: 7 December 2018

Project Description

Every July Toronto Fringe delivers the Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training program (TENT) for the duration of the 12-day festival. TENT is a popular program but Fringe only has resources to fund 20 participants per year. This project seeks to increase accessibility by expanding TENT programming throughout the year and to recommend models for fiscal sustainability. For more project details see:

This project will be directed by Brandon McFarlane (Prof. Creativity and Creative Thinking) in collaboration with Sheridan—Glenn Clifton (Prof. Creative Writing), Michael McNamara (Prof. Creativity & Creative Thinking), Jennifer Phenix (Prof. Humanities)—and Fringe—Tom Arthur Davis (TENT Program Director), Lucy Eveleigh (Executive Director)—researchers.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Collaborate with Glenn Clifton to produce lesson modules for theatre entrepreneurs
  • Research Toronto theatre companies and discuss the process of professionalization for theatre practitioners
  • Transcribe interviews
  • Synthesize provided materials into summary packages
  • Contribute to the project’s professional development programming
  • Complete common administrative tasks
  • Assist in the coordination of online and social media outputs
  • Attend project-related events
  • Reflect upon experience with Glenn Clifton to facilitate professional development


  • Currently enrolled in a post-secondary program at Sheridan
  • Demonstrated ability to produce engaging content for online and social media channels
  • Superb writing, editing, and copy-editing skills
  • Independent work and research skills
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines


Please submit a cover letter outlining your qualifications and motivations for contributing to; please include the contact information of a Sheridan professor who can provide a strong reference; please include your course schedule; use “Research Assistant, surname” as the email subject line.