TENT Spotlight: Mike Rugo

TENT Spotlight: Mike Rugo

When looking for a passionate UX Designer, look no further than Mike Rugo. During his time working as a creative documenter, he has gone above and beyond to give us a truly impactful social media debut. I sat down with Mike to get his perspective on his work and aspects of his journey in this field. I was definitely eager to hear his process, as I only have a very basic knowledge of what goes on in graphic and interactive design. Mike was more than happy to give me the rundown on what it takes to succeed in this role.

What makes a UX Designer so important to any company’s image?

“A UX Designer brings a meaningful and relevant experience to users. The most important thing is our attention to detail when it comes to working on projects. Companies are selling an image just as much as a product or service. UX designers are specialized at curating experiences to the companies user/consumer.”

Can you talk a bit about your responsibilities and contributions to TENT?

“My primary responsibility was to create social graphics for Creative Humanities social media accounts on FB, Twitter, IG and LinkedIn. My work for TENT has been promoting the Creative Humanities Team as well as Sheridan talent. I’ll ask myself: How do I get people on social media to interact with our posts? Remember, there are only a few seconds to engage people online. In some ways it is trickier than creating a UI because you have about 5 seconds to engage a scrolling user.”

What is some advice you would give someone trying to branch out in this field?

“Establish a creative process. Organize the objectives you want to accomplish and then systematically complete each task. It’s much easier to compartmentalize an objective than try to achieve something on your first try. Every good product starts with establishing a process.”

Mike’s skills in design has really given TENT a vibrant and eye-catching social media campaign. We’ll be sad to see him leave the project once he graduates in 2019— His hard work, creativity, and innovation will be greatly missed. To take a look at Mike’s work for TENT, head over to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. While you’re at it, check out all his awesome work on his website.