Aura Torres: Finding a Unique Style

Aura Torres: Finding a Unique Style

Making an impression is the key to success, and Aura Torres knows how to make one with only a passing glance. Aura will be lending her unique style and skills in film and cinematography to the Creative Humanities team. Currently completing her third year of Sheridan’s Film and Television program, her experience and style will be a great asset. We are all eager to see how Aura will use the insight gained while finding her unique style to help expand and support the TENT project.

Adding Passion in Professionalism

Anyone can learn from Aura, as a student, an artist, and a professional in the film industry. Her attention to detail is what she considers her greatest strength. She admires the technical aspect of what goes into cinematography that makes it unique to each film. Aura has a distinct creative eye, and she strives to craft her work in a way that reflects her personal style.  She implements this attention to detail to every task, as she considers well executed visual design a reflection of the care and the hard work of everyone behind the scenes.

Finding a Unique Style

On her personal journey, Aura believes that “What makes truly impactful cinematography is how clearly it links to the style of a specific director.” She strives to create her own unique style in her projects, similar to famous directors such as Wes Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, and Quentin Tarantino. She particularly loves the way that these directors use color in their work, and she strives for a similar vibrance in her projects to leave a lasting image on an audience. Each scene is her canvas, and she uses lighting, space, and color palettes the same way as any visual artist. Her goal is to one day make an impression with her own unique style that make audiences think “Aura Torres”.

Connecting, Building, Growing

Something that she has learned through her experiences in the field is, “The importance of working with others, and how different perspectives are what bring out the best in any project.” Networking and gaining real-life experiences are skills Aura is adamant on practicing; she encourages others in the film and television industry to do as well. She has also learned the importance of working with others and letting her voice be heard when collaborating. Believing in her talent has given her the confidence to speak up, and stand at the forefront amongst the big personalities you can come across in the film industry.

Learning more about Aura and what makes her vision so unique was a wonderful experience, and I’m excited to see what she will bring to the table in her collaboration with the Creative Humanities. She is undoubtedly passionate about her work and treats it as not only a career but as an extension of herself. We are all excited to have her lending her talents to TENT and its mission. Welcome to the team, Aura!