Ayesha Qamar : Thinking Outside the Box

Ayesha Qamar : Thinking Outside the Box

Ayesha Qamar is living proof that expressing your own personal creativity is possible in every field. Ayesha’s creative thinking helps her navigate through any and all problems. Currently working towards her Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Analytics at Sheridan, Ayesha will be lending her creative problem solving skills to the Creative Humanities and TENT project.

Finding Your True Path

Ayesha discovered her true path once she found her new start in Computer Systems Analytics. Sheridan shifted Ayesha’s whole outlook on what it means to study a profession. She has gained hands on experience in each class and worked with logical and creative minds. Creative thinking and coding go hand in hand. It takes someone willing to think outside of the box to truly find solutions in creating the perfect software for a client. Ayesha excels when faced with difficult problems. She strives to meet and exceed the expectations of those she works for.

“Know what you want from a career, do your research, find out if your career is really for you, as well as what working in the industry looks like.”

Ayesha Qamar on what makes success.

Creative Thinking

Systems analytics doesn’t come across as a creative pursuit, but the creativity can be found in the problem solving – something that comes naturally to Ayesha.  She hopes to translate these problem-solving skills into her work for the Creative Humanities. She hope to provide a perspective on working quickly and efficiently when faced with an obstacle. A solid online platform is essential to any project, and we are thrilled to have Ayesha on the team to offer her expertise.

Looking Towards the Future

When looking towards the future Ayesha simply wants, “To be healthy and happy, and not to follow after someone else.” Ayesha navigated her way through uncertain waters on her own, and became more passionate about learning as a result. Her experiences and her willingness to collaborate will surely make her an excellent addition to the team. Welcome on board, Ayesha!