Lynne Li: The Importance of Teamwork in Marketing

Lynne Li: The Importance of Teamwork in Marketing

Lynne Li is one of the latest additions to the Creative Humanities team, as well as a Sheridan student studying in the Bachelor of Marketing Management program. Lynne was drawn to marketing through the way that companies grabbed the attention of their target audience, as well as her love of shopping. She believes the teamwork in marketing is what makes it so influential, and what drew her to the industry. She loves the strategic aspect of marketing, and the collaboration that goes into finding what is most eye catching to consumers.

Overcoming Hurdles

There was a point where Lynne was considering becoming an accountant, but found herself looking for human interaction. As a result, she searched for a way to express herself creatively with others to work towards a common goal. Marketing became her path towards what she needed: Creative and constructive teamwork. Marketing is something that is essential to any organization. Whether it’s to sell a product, a message, or the mission of a collective. Lynne understands the essentials of finding a demographic. She loves finding ways to connect to them directly, through visual marketing or social media. 

Problem Solving Through Teamwork

Lynne believes that TENT’s mission is one that needs to make the best impression it can. She plans to use her problem-solving and marketing skills to push TENT center stage. With Lynne on the job, there is no doubt that every obstacle will be overcome with an innovative solution!

Teamwork and problem solving is what sparks Lynne’s creativity. Combining creative and critical thinking with others is something she believes is the most rewarding aspect of her line of work. With the experience her program and the Creative Humanities has given her, bringing her perspective to a project is a skill that comes naturally to her.

Connecting & Collaborating

Lynne was drawn to the Creative Humanities because of the opportunity it gave her to engage with an artistic community. It gave her the chance to aim her professional knowledge towards something she was passionate about. Connecting with those around her brings out her creativity and passion for anything she collaborates on. Working hard to overcome roadblocks, attacking a problem from different angles, and the satisfaction of completing a project after giving it 100% is what keeps her going, and what makes her an excellent addition to our team.