Sarah Whang: Using Art to Inspire

Sarah Whang: Using Art to Inspire

Sheridan’s art students are a force to be reckoned with, and Sarah Whang is no exception to this rule. Sarah is currently in her third year of Sheridan’s Illustration program, and her dedication to the craft is clear. Sarah was drawn to the Creative Humanities because of the opportunity it presented to apply her skills to a larger cause. She was inspired by the dedication of the small team, and in turn, wanted to use her art to inspire more to contribute. She strives to have her work make a difference in her community. Most of all, she wants to work on projects she can look back on with pride.

Profession and Passion

What is genuinely admirable about Sarah is the inspiration she draws from those in her program. She not only supports the students around her, but sees them as a reason to get up and work hard to create every day. Illustration may seem like a solitary craft, but Sarah considers her work to be a collaborative effort. She want her art to inspire others the same way it inspires her everyday. It is obvious that the visual arts is not just a career for her, but a joy.

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Sarah strives to expand her learning beyond the classroom. Whether it be by testing out new styles in her spare time, or trips to the MET for inspiration (Yes, that MET). Despite how dedicated she is, she still finds a way to bring humour into the discussion. When asked what advice she would give to those trying to break into the industry she replied, “Actually, I would also like to know, because I would also like to get into it.”

She did have one piece of advice however:

“Draw a lot, not just to improve your skills. Because you will have to draw a lot and you have to love it.”

Sarah Whang on the art industry.

Sarah spends entire days drawing, constantly improving and evolving her style. She describes the industry as nebulous of opportunities, with many possibilities for those looking to illustrate professionally. Sarah sees this as an advantage, as it gives her the opportunity to focus on what inspires her. Her work is something that her personality shines through, and TENT is the perfect stage to put her talents on display.