Category: Creative Humanities

Possibilities for English Studies Scholarly, Research, and Creative Activities

English Studies in Canada: Research Cluster Call for Possibilities Have you ever thought up an idea that brought you joy and excitement, only to disband it as too impractical or ambitious? Have you ever given up on a great idea because you didn’t have time to pursue it or thought that no one would fund/publish…
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Opening Up to New Experiences

Learning to take risks has brought Melodie Downey to a year of fulfilling social, academic, and professional growth.

At The Crossroads of Critical Theory and Creative Practice

Find out Professor Alexander Hollenberg’s plan for using creative interventions to make critical theory more accessible.

Leap of Faith

Victoria Webb’s professors and friends encouraged her to apply for a humanities research position. Find out how her leap of faith transformed her career.

Choosing My Own Adventure

Sometimes the perfect opportunity doesn’t rush up to meet you while you’re looking for it. Robyn Miller shares how humanities research helped her make her own opportunities.

Making Friends while Making a Difference

Lynne Li was looking to make friends after transferring to Sheridan. Learn how her new community is making a difference in Toronto’s theatre sector.

To Saying ‘Yes’

Jacquelyn Ferguson took a chance and said ‘Yes’ to an exciting opportunity. Find out how it changed her perspective and fuelled her creative growth.

Community and Collaboration in the Time of Social Distancing

Taylor Zantingh wanted to be part of something bigger than herself. Find out how her humanities research provided community and empowerment.

I Star in A Role Called Being Successful

Brittany German is a huge success! Find out how her humanities research launched her career in copy writing and marketing.

Emerging From the Background

Aura Torres shares how humanities research helped her become a more confident and assertive filmmaker.