Brittany German

Brittany German
Brittany German
Creative Documenter
BA, Creative Writing & Publishing

Proust Questionnaire:

What is your (current) favourite book, show or movie? Pretend You’re Safe by Alexandra Ivy

Tea, coffee, or something else? Tea

What did you love to play as a child? Karate

What was your dream work/job as a child? Author

If you could be friends with any fictional, mythical, legendary, literary character,who would it be?  Hades.I think he has a sense of humour very much like mine and I love Greek mythology. 

What skills or superpowers do you currently possess?

Incredibletime management skills


Amazing organizational skills

Whatskills or superpowers would you like to develop or enhance throughout your workand time with Creative Humanities?

More patience

Learn as much as I can/ Get my foot in the door for the future


Whom do you see as having the skills and strengths that you would like to enhance and develop?

Like I mentioned, I struggle with Customer Service. I’m very straightforward and blunt; I don’t see the necessity of smiling for everything or going out of my way to impress someone. This is why I can’t work in retail… I try to use my boyfriend as an example; he is always compassionate, caring, and patient with others.

At any point during your work with the Creative Humanities did you find yourself stepping outside of your comfort zone?  Did you learn or discover something new about yourself, your interests, or abilities?

I think I have a big comfort zone. I’m brave when it comes to work and I’ll usually commit to something without question. But I know that the people I’m working with are encouraging me to be creative and try out new ideas that I have through my writing. So right now, I’m trying to create new things with my writing knowing that some of it will just be attempts and won’t be published but some will actually make its way out there and the writing or blog posts,etc. will be that much better because of it.

Create a visual depiction of how you see yourself as a contributor to the Creative Humanities project. 

I am really not visual. Hence the program I’m in so I’m going to be really cheesy and use a publishing metaphor. Wait that’s too literal… Okay, I am a rake in autumn because leaves (ideas) fall off the trees (people/communities) and me-being the rake- collects them all and gathers them into a leaf pile (a masterpiece of ideas). But some of the leaves always get left behind and that’s okay because those leaves were bad leaves.