Lexy Pakenham-Troth

Lexy Pakenham-Troth
Lexy Pakenham-Troth
CPS Facilitator
Bachelor of Film & Television

Proust Questionnaire:

What is your (current) favourite book, show, or movie? The Good Place on Netflix

Tea, coffee, or something else? Tea (with milk and sugar)

What did you love to play as a child? Crafts. I liked making things.

What was your dream work/job as a child? Famous anything and then in grade 6 that dream evolved into editing and film stuff.

If you could be friends with any fictional, mythical, legendary, literary character,who would it be?  Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99. He’s pretty awesome.

What skills or superpowers do you currently possess that you would call your strengths?

What skills or superpowers would you like to develop or enhance throughout your work and time with Creative Humanities?

Whom do you see as having the skills and strengths that you would like to enhance and develop?

At any point during your work with the Creative Humanities did you find yourself stepping outside of your comfort zone? Did you learn or discover something new about yourself, your interests, or abilities?

Create a visual depiction of how you see yourself as a contributor to the Creative Humanities project.