Victoria Webb

Victoria Webb
Victoria Webb, Research Assistant
Marketing Management, Honors of Bachelor of Business Administration

Proust Questionnaire

What is your favourite book, show, or movie? Harry Potter

Tea, coffee or something else? Tea

What did you love to play as a child? Lego

What was your dream work/job as a child? Chemist

If you could be friends with any fictional, mythical, legendary, literary character, who would it be? Explain why in one sentence. Katniss Everdeen. She’s down to earth and hunting would a new experience for me.

Super Powers: Strategic Planning, Collaboration, Communication

Strategic Planning

I formulate plans based on an evaluation of my situation and identify obstacles or trends in the plan to create better courses of action. I gather and value others’ inputs to learn new perspectives; this allows me to achieve personal goals and visions. I break down large challenges into small tasks that are easy to accomplish in short time spans. I like to have activities planned ahead of time but when I am caught off guard with an unplanned situation, I create alternative routes to resolve the problem. Taking time to find alternatives allows me to be more flexible and spot patterns.


I enjoy collaborating because I get to learn the goals of members and assist them in achieving success.  I am able to expand my perspectives and diverge to problem solve. Collaboration is one of my key strength as I am able to recognize how my skills can be applied and leverage teammates’ talents, skills, and knowledge.


I like to write, public speak, describe,and communicate my thoughts, actions or situations. I am always trying to bring my ideas to life through storytelling with images, examples and metaphors. I listen to others’ directions and feedback to improve my knowledge and expertise. I take delight in sharing my thoughts with others to pique their interests,sharpen their world, and lead them to take action.

What skills or superpowers would you like to enhance while working with the Creative Humanities?

I would like to learn more about how humanities and creativity in business can be connected and utilized together to form an effective solution for the Fringe/TENT project. Currently, I have been approaching the Fringe/TENT project from a Marketing and Creative Problem-Solving perspective. This perspective allows me to contribute unique ideas to the project that is different than what other members suggest in the project. However, I would like to further learn and continue to develop new perspectives to gain more knowledge and experience. Many of the project members are approaching this task from different programs and it becomes an educational journey for everyone when generating and sharing ideas.

Whom do you see as having the skills and strengths that you would like to enhance and develop?

I see Michael McNamara as possessing the skills and strengths I would like to develop. McNamara has a background in political science and creativity in which is very evidently demonstrated when he works on the Fringe/TENT project. I admire Michael’s passion because it provides me with a different view of the problem and pushes me to approach the situation in another alternative way.  I enjoy the challenge of expanding upon my own perspectives, which helps me become even more experienced in future projects.

It has often been said that there is great value in getting out of your comfort zone. At any point during your work with the Creative Humanities did you find yourself stepping outside of your comfort zone? 

I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone when I was lacking familiarity with the Fringe/TENT project. I didn’t have that opportunity of working with this not-for-profit in the past, therefore I had to rely on group members past experiences as well as new information constantly being presented to me as we continued through the project. What I learned about myself through the Fringe/TENT project was that I able to easily adapt to new information being presented tome and work with this new information on the spot to form creative ideas. I also discovered I could transfer my marketing abilities in order to make significant contributions to this project—I’m constantly connecting different course topics explored in the marketing and creativity programs to create an array of different approaches to meet the objectives and methods being focused on when problem solving for Fringe/TENT.

Create a visual depiction of how you see yourself as a contributor to the Creative Humanities project.

Secret Ninja

The Secret Ninja above represents myself in the project because I was always working behind the scenes in planning out activities and conducting research for Fringe/TENT. The Secret Ninja displays all brainstormed ideas at the end of the divergent and convergent thinking sessions when everyone else has participated in contributing their ideas. The Secret Ninja capture me in the project by being able to strategically think of ideas and then collaborate with different members within the facilitation sessions. The Secret Ninja helps in the overall research and facilitation sessions of the project and ensures everything runs smoothly to complete the mission.